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Unlock Consistent Profitability with the Profit-First Method.

Profit First Book

Created by Mike Michalowicz,
Profit-First flips the traditional accounting model on its head.

Instead of the usual “Sales – Expenses = Profit,” Profit-First says,

“Sales – Profit = Expenses.”

It’s a game-changer.

By prioritising your profit right from the start, your business can always be financially healthy.

BluBookkeepers are accredited Profit-First Bookkeepers.

Why Business Owners Love Profit-First?

Imagine the relief of knowing you’ve always got cash set aside for profit, taxes, super and expenses. No more scrambling to pay bills or worrying about whether you’ll have enough to cover the next quarter’s BAS and Tax bills.

With Profit-First, it’s a straightforward, cash flow management system that gives you clarity and peace of mind. It’s all about creating healthy financial habits that set your business up for sustainable, long-term success. As your bookkeeper I can set it to run like clockwork.
Adopting Profit-First isn’t just for big businesses, it’s especially valuable for small and medium-sized businesses as they navigate the day-to-day running of their business.

It provides a clear financial roadmap, helping you manage cash flow, reduce stress, and make considered decisions around growth and hiring.

Harman Johnston

‘”When I first started my business, I thought I was doing great. But every quarter, I found myself scrambling to find a big chunk of money to pay tax, working longer hours just to make up the difference. It felt like no matter how hard I worked, getting ahead was impossible. I kept asking myself, ‘Surely there’s a better way?’ That’s when I discovered Profit-First.

Profit-First brought clarity and purpose to every dollar that came into my business. After I put the systems in place, I never had to scramble for money again. The funds were always right where they needed to be. And as a result, I’m much happier.”

What you can expect when you implement Profit-First

Imagine a system that prioritises your business profits from day one.

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Proactive management for confidence and clarity

Everything happens automatically, systems, processes, and the discipline to follow the Profit-First framework.

Expert guidance at your fingertips

Benefit from the expertise of a certified Profit-First professional dedicated to your success.

Improved cash flow management

The Profit-First method helps manage cash flow more effectively by allocating income into different accounts for specific purposes.

Reduces Financial Stress

Knowing that profit, taxes, and operational expenses are covered makes it easier to sleep at night.

Fosters Sustainable Growth

By ensuring profitability and managing expenses, businesses can grow sustainably without over-leveraging or taking unnecessary risks.

Prepares for Unexpected Costs

Allocating funds to specific accounts such as profit, operating expenses, and taxes ensures that you are prepared for unexpected costs without jeopardising the business.

Intrigued? Want to know if Profit-First is for you?

Ready to take control of your profitability and build a financially sustainable business?

Here’s how it works

Phase 1: Comprehensive Profit-First Assessment

Dive deeper into your finances with a comprehensive evaluation. Our detailed Profit-First Assessment gives you a clear roadmap to sustained profitability, tailored to your unique business needs.

  • In-Depth Analysis: Thoroughly assess your financial health across all areas of your business.
  • Custom Roadmap: Receive a tailor-made action plan for implementing Profit-First and get our help to make it happen.
  • Expert Recommendations: Get our expert insights and recommendations to transform your finances.

Starts from $1000+GST

    Phase 2: Ongoing Support

    As you establish Profit-First habits, it’s smart to get the support you need to make sure it’s working for you. We have two flexible ongoing support options—standard and premium—for you to choose from.

      Starts from $350+GST for Standard and $700+GST for Premium


        • Monthly reviews for continuous improvement: Track your progress and adjustments with monthly check-ins.
        • Responsive email support: Get timely answers to your questions and concerns.
        • Comprehensive resources: Revisit anytime and benefit from our handy guides and templates.


        • Bi-weekly check-ins for Optimal Performance: Frequent reviews and guidance to ensure you’re always on track.
        • Direct Phone Access to Experts: Immediate assistance from our dedicated Profit-First professionals.
        • Expense Analysis or Debt Reduction Plan:  Helping you get ahead sooner and build up your

        10 Signs It’s Time to Implement Profit-First

        Tick Yes to more than 2 of theses and it’s time to explore your profitability.


        You find yourself unsure about how much profit you’ll make month-to-month.


        You frequently worry about having enough money to pay your bills and cover payroll.


        You’re losing sleep over your business finances and feeling overwhelmed.


        You have trouble making informed decisions due to a lack of financial insight.


        You’re experiencing growth but worry about whether your finances can support it.


        Your expenses are increasing, but your profit margins are shrinking.


        You’re not regularly putting money aside for taxes and find yourself unprepared when payments are due.


        You’ve missed payroll deadlines or struggled to pay employees on time.


        You want to build a lasting business but aren’t sure your current financial practices support long-term success.

        You lack a clear financial strategy and often operate reactively rather than proactively.