Business Automation

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business automation

Are you ready to say goodbye to traditional manual, time consuming business financial admin and hello to time savvy business automation?

How streamlined are your business processes? Would you describe them as being set at maximum efficiency?

Do you like the idea of set and forget, whilst maximising productivity and gaining more time?

This is possible, and it is through the power of business automation software.

Business automation is the use of technology to automate processes and functions within an organisation. This is particularly useful when used to automate repeatable, multi step tasks. It is no surprise that business processing automation is one of the fastest growing areas of technologies today.

Although the role of automation software does minimise the human effort required to do some tasks, it allows for maximum efficiency, which is a win in our book! Whether you utilise automation for generating emails, payroll functionality, generation of quotes or reconciling accounts you will be surprised at how efficient your business can become (And how tech savvy you can be!). We promise there is nothing to feel scared or overwhelmed about when using these programs, we will be with you every step of the way to show you how to use the technology that is best for your business.

We all know how important it is to have systems in place in our businesses. They enable us to streamline processes, improve quality of work, increase employee accountability, encourage and enhance decision making, improve communication internally and externally within our businesses, ensure compliance measures are being met, all whilst improving productivity whilst being efficient!

We have trialled, tested (so you don’t have to!) and have our approved list of software providers that we recommend at Blu Bookkeepers. They all offer unique capabilities when it comes to streamlining the processes in your business, discuss what automation software would best suit your business.

We are Certified Xero Advisors

We can migrate your existing data from your previous accounting software or set up a new customised file to suit your business. You can also select from a range of add-on solutions to power your Xero software from POS(Point of sale), Payment Services, Job costing, Project Management to Cashflow and KPI reporting. Xero stores all your financial information on the cloud which means it can be accessed from anywhere.

Xero is the leading online Accounting software for businesses. Xero offers a range of features from Invoicing, Bank connections, Inventory management, Multi-Currency, Payroll and STP Reporting, etc.

The 5 Benefits of using Xero are:

  1. Xero Add-one’s help streamline your business processes
  2. Xero is very User friendly when it comes to quoting, invoicing and sending reminders to customers
  3. Xero is perfect for 100% paperless Offices for online businesses
  4. Xero has Full payroll functionality with employee portals for staff to manage their records
  5. Xero provides a Snapshot of your business’s financial position on the dashboard


Dext formerly Receiptbank makes businesses financially fit.

Reduce Admin anxiety, save money, free up time to do what you do best: Running your business.

Dext prepare is your go-to platform for getting on top of business finances by using the snap, send and submit functionality which allows you to instantly take pictures of your invoices and receipts and submit to your accounting software for accounting.

Blu Bookkeepers are Dext partners and offer dext subscription to all our monthly bookkeeping clients included in our package prices.


ApprovalMax provides multi-level and multi-role approval workflows for Xero purchase orders, bills, sales invoices and credit notes.

ApprovalMax enables multi-step approval workflows for Xero Bills. This is how it works: Bills are created and submitted for approval in Xero, ApprovalMax or Dext. ApprovalMax pulls these Bills including all relevant details and starts the multi-step approval workflow as pre-defined for them in ApprovalMax.

ApprovalMax replaces paper and email approvals with fully automated multi-role and multi-tiered approval workflows. It streamlines the accounts payable process, ensuring spend control and regulatory compliance are adhered to.


WorkflowMax is founded by Chris Spence and Gavin George as a job management solution for Gavin’s brothers at Steelcraft Engineering.

WorkflowMax is a project management software built to take care of all your business management needs, including project tracking, timesheets, reporting, invoicing, job monitoring, and all other aspects of project management in between.

IT project managers and independent developers rely on WorkflowMax project management software to manage, monitor, track and report on every aspect of every job. Get closer to your customers, get more done in a day, and get paid what you’re worth.


Accelo provides a CRM platform that effortlessly creates, cultivates, and nurtures professional client relationships.

Accelo is a cloud-based client work management platform that provides an end-to-end solution for sales and quoting, project management, tickets, time tracking, billing, retainers and reporting.

All your essential information and communications live in one platform, which you can expand to meet your business’s specific needs with a range of native integrations and a powerful API.